Wednesday, 22 November 2017

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Ripped Ivory Denim

Ah, here is our latest Hotbuy which landed in the Plaza yesterday! The Ripped Ivory Denim jeans, from RIO and costing us 23SD's, not a small price, but I actually think they're priced alright for the piece! From the advert I wasn't sure how much they'd work for me, but upon trying them on I was completely sold on them! I love the cropped flare style of jeans and these are just that, and I adore the ivory colouring to them, it's spot on with the current trends. Yes, lots of rips, but I think I might be able to look past that =D
I have so much love for these jeans!!! I really feel like they're a winter denim, and I'm not even sure how I can explain it with all those rips, but I just found them perfect for a winter styling^ The colour of them makes them pretty versatile with other colours and styles so I do think they're a good investment - I for one had a great time putting together a look! And as always, vote in the poll:

Getting Ready for the Season

So, the top part of my outfit is all autumnal, but then you look down, and see all these lovely reds there! I'm ready, Christmas! These red Givenchy shoes are perhaps my favourite shoes released in Stardoll this autumn! The colour, the shape, the heel height.. it's all perfect! Going to use them a lot in the next few weeks. 

Suite Style

Super impressed by this suite for today's feature, coming to you from regnlee, and featuring 3 of the suite rooms as there was so much to choose from the show! I'm amazed by how cool and sleek everything looks when I struggle with that just in one room! The interiors have been used very well, especially in the colour tones added with the furniture piece, everything sits together just perfectly^ And you can see none of the rooms are made too complicated, often you don't need a huge number of pieces to make a design look great =D

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Flocked Tulle Skirt

Keeping slogging through the HB's, almost caught up now, this one came out recently^ This is the Flocked Tulle Skirt from RIO and costs 21SD's, which is maybe a tad pricey for the piece, but it's nice nevertheless. For me it wasn't such a standout piece in the advertisement, but I really like the look of the skirt on my doll, the shape and style are both very pretty and I like the feminine feel to the piece with the more neutral colour palate making it easy to work with - I can see it being particularly good next Spring and Summer!
While I think we really tried to make this a more wintery piece, I can't help but just view this as a warmer-weather-item! It works well with the paler tones which suit the Spring and I think the light and airy texture of the tulle make it ideal for that and not the heavier winter^ Anyways, vote in the poll:

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Proenza Schouler Inspired Pants

This next Hotbuy, the Proenza Schouler Inspired Pants, from It Girls priced at 20SD's, stood out to me as soon as I saw them! I loved the brown colour to them, perfect for autumnal stylings, and I loved the shape and fit, especially the rolled cuffs, I think they look awesome =) They definitely lived up to my expectations too, and I managed to put my look together in a matter of minutes, so I think spending a little time with them will mean so many more looks!
While there are some similarities amongst our stylings, I think we have all taken a different track with this piece - and we're very much loving boots with them! I think they have a good potential =) And as always, vote in the poll too, we love seeing which look you like best:

Snow leopard

This leopard based look really caught my eye from missiwantitall today! I love the flow of his maxi skirt and the print makes it a fun piece^ I wish I owned it too! The leopard feel is continued in the soft-style fluffy oversized jacket and I love the texture contrast yet style match that the piece has to the skirt. The accessories are fabulous and quite spot on, the boots and bag match well in style and add a harder tone to the outfit and I love the glamour added by the earring =D

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Slip In Pearl Heels

And our next HB - the Slip In Pearl Heels from Pretty 'N Love and priced at 14SD's, which is pretty decent for a fabulous looking pair of shoes! These are a pretty elegant style of heel, they've got a slight patent look to them and they're in an easy-to-wear nude/beige tone which I think works out well for everyone! They have a little strap over the foot but look more like mules without a heel or ankle strap and I really like this, although on my dolls more tanned skin the strap is less obvious than on the paler skin tone. I'm excited to style these so lets see how we got on:
I was in heaven the second these shoes were on my doll, they're just dreamy and even more versatile than I'd imagined, so many options of clothing to pair them with and I for one am excited to work with them more =D And as usual vote in the poll:

Monday, 20 November 2017

MJ Inspired Cat Shoulder Bag # W E S T Y L E I T

Another piece for our We Style It segment - the Marc Jacobs MJ Inspired Cat Shoulder Bag which was brought out earlier this year and came with a bit of a style question-mark above it! It's a cool piece and looks great, but how to style it great was a totally different thing that I think many of us struggled with - so myself and AudreyHepburn. have taken it on for this post!
The bag has a leather texture to it and a cool orange colour - we're fans of orange here, so this shouldn't be too tricky, but I remember the first time I styled this bag when it was released I found it a bit of a struggle, this time round I felt more prepared^ I love the look I've put together, with a darker black base using leather elsewhere in the look with the boots. This fluffy coat is a great fit, it matches the bag well but doesn't over power it as the tone is lighter, I really love it^ And while I've shied away from using other bright oranges, AudreyHepburn.'s gone for it with those bright shorts and a matching beret which totally work out and draw your eye into the look. The autumnal feel really is there with the deep green shirt and brown boots. I also love the sunglasses on the bag, they're another attention draw for the piece =D