Sunday, 24 September 2017

Navy suit

Sleek and stylish and all set for fashion week attendance is just what I think about this feature from fearstar! I love the colour combinations of the navy pinstripe suit with both the reds in the accessories and the nude in the sweater, such a good idea to layer a knitwear piece underneath this cool shaped top really highlighting its features =) The beauty look is fab too, the eyes stand out clearly and the slick back hairstyle lets the face shine!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #196

Closely approaching the 200 mark, not a whole lot of posts left to go! This next piece is the Subcouture Raf Bag from, you guessed it, Subcouture! This was a fairly recent purchase for me, I got it in the Bazaar a earlier this year And so this is my first opportunity to wear it - I really felt the pressure as I've seen so many people wear this one really nicely! I think I did an ok job, the silver of the trousers is a nice contrast to the bag and makes it stand out, but maybe the black is too dark?! I wanted a more autumnal styling by think I got winter with this one, nevermind^

Printed out

I'm just getting so many girl-boss vibes from this styling brought to you today from tolady! The printing is stunning and eye catching, it's totally not too much in the slightest, I love it and wished I owned at least one of these pieces =) The fits of the pieces is also great and I think they're pretty versatile. Accessories fab too, the bag fits nicely but love the stand out use of red in the shoes and glasses, super pretty and stylish!

M S W 1 7 S T O R E | Feature Set

I found myself not hugely impressed with this latest MSW Store release, which is disappointing as usually I might find at least a couple of decent pieces! So no review or styled outfits from me - instead a Feature Set showing off what some of you guys have been making of these pieces =)
So the first one of the set is mechteld2 going with the Dreamy Gold One Shoulder Top - this is a piece I didn't like the look of in the store, but I have to say this look works out so well for it! The skirt looks great and the use of accessories and glamorous makeup are perfect, such a good job on this one!
Secondly Mia1435 in this ultra-sleek stylish look making use of the Asymterical Pointy Heels, definitely one of the positives of the release! I love the futuristic style tones of this look with the whites and blue, plus the trouser length is awesome for highlighting some shoes, perfect again =)
I think this look from ccaauu1414 with the Gemstone Feather Couture Dress is really something! It's certainly a great look for a dress with lots going on - I really couldn't see how it would work in stylings, but this shows it doesn't need fancy or frilly extras! The jewellery has been picked well, and these shoes are just perfection for the dress ^
And finally, going all out with a big gown is twittersred wearing the Tulle Couture Skirt with the Asymetrical Patent Point Heels - it's awesome! This is the sort of look that the MSW store was made for producing, it's glamorous and full of showing off for the contest! Love the top combination, they're perfect together and with the skirt, it really sells such a fancy piece to a little less fancy style =) 

Friday, 22 September 2017

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Reds Puzzle Bag

Isn't this next HB just quite the coolest?! I spotted the RL version of the Reds Puzzle Bag online the other day and boy do I really want this piece for myself, but this version, coming from Velvet Orchid and costing just 13SD's will have to do^ Alike others from this month, this HB is a fabulous red. The design of the piece is great and it's nice to have another handheld bag for our dolls to work with - it's won me over already =D
Just look at that versatility we've come up with for this bag - a completely variable range of styles and colour matches, it's just great and I hope we inspire some of you guys with this bag too =D And remember to vote in the poll:

Patent power

This look just highlights the awesomeness of red in the autumnal season and it comes to you from Millaxx^ I love this sweater but always find it pushed aside when I'm looking to style looks, this is just reinvigorating my desire to style it^ It works well with the patent mules, huge style brownie points on that pairing, and also the stylish black mini skirt. I like the design of this piece, it's not too minimal but fits in with the whole look nicely. Also loving the scarf, it totally makes all the difference with this style =)

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | September 2015

Bringing back another instalment of Hotbuys Revisited today, with the 2015 picks from September! I really loved these choices the first time around and I pretty much still do two years on now =) I still own most of these pieces and there are a couple of firm favourites from this release, like the Colonel Coat which holds a dear place in my wardrobe and in that of many others too I'm sure - it's an easy style and a classic piece. But this time round I'm restyling a couple of other pieces, the Tirol Sweater, Bows Shoes and Oklahoma Gown!
I mixed up my styles, with the first look coming across more in the autumn winter style with a focus on black coming from the Bows Shoes which I really like and think that these cropped trousers work well for the shoes - I haven't really worn them much, but this really sells it to me^ Love the blue with the black, I think it works well for the sweater with it's neck-decor. Secondly gone a little more for holding on to summer, this dress makes a great versatile skirt and I love it with loose shirts. The casual style works well for it and white is an easy paring for the colour and print =)

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #195

Next up is the YSL Inspired Bag from It Girls which originally came out almost a year ago - I was in the midst of this challenge so this piece hasn't had a chance at a styling yet since my initial go, I'm excited for it =) I went pretty average with this styling, black and gold will work out every time! I liked the texture combination between the bag, coat and the leather shirt, I think it adds something to the dark tones of the look. My favourite part is by far the shoes, I was unsure of them at first but actually now I really love them in this style and with this bag. The gold is perfect to highlight that on the chain of the bag and they definitely draw in some attention for an otherwise minimal style!